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 Case Study: Online Sales Brochure Manager
Case Study: Online Sales Brochure Manager
Industry: Marketing

In a Nutshell: Allow users to create sales brochures on the internet, choose from multiple templates, and save them in multiple formats.

Business Problem:
Generally companies produce and print sales brochures periodically throughout the year.
Printed sales brochures are often quickly out-of-date as information changes and products are added and deleted.
In the event a new product is introduced, no sales brochure can be produced until the graphic design department have created one, and the next print run is due.
All sales brochures have to be created by a design department.
A system was needed that would:
- Allow sales people to create sales brochures as required without relying on the graphic design department.
- Update sales brochures automatically from the existing Vivid Imaginationís databases.
- Produce sales brochures in multiple formats including online, pdf, and Word.

The Solution: Online Sales Brochure Manager

Online Sales Brochure Manager Overview


The Sales Brochure Manager consists of multiple templates.
Templates allow the user to choose the layout that best suits their sales brochure.
New templates can be added as required.
Each template can be further customised using the template toolkit that allows the user to change the colour of text and backgrounds, for example.
A user can preview a template to see if it is the most appropriate.

Database Integration
The Sales Brochure Manager integrates directly into a companiesí existing product database using a tag dictionary. A tag represents a field in a database. A user can insert tags into a template. The system extracts the correct information from the database based on the tags in the template.

The advantage of embedded tags in templates is that brochures viewed online are always up-to-date. They are automatically updated as information changes in the database.

Sales Brochure Formats
Sales brochures are saved as HTML by default, and can be viewed on the web for ease of use and access. A sales agent can send the prospective client a link and login details to view the sales brochure.

The user can also save sales brochures in other formats including PDF and Word.

The Sales Brochure Manager features various levels of user security; for example, administrators, sales staff, clients.
Sales brochures can be assigned to customers. A customer can only see those sales brochures that they have been authorised to view.
Users are required to login to use the system.

Search and Download
The Sales Brochure Manager includes a facility that allows users to search for sales brochures and do bulk downloads. Bulk downloads are automatically zipped for faster download.

The Sales Brochure Manager can be rebranded under the purchaserís company name.

Technologies Implemented
Windows 2000
Multiple clustered servers, firewall, VPN for secure access

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