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 Case Study: Online Product Sample Request Manager
Case Study: Online Product Sample Request Manager
Industry: Manufacture / Retail

In a Nutshell: Allow users to manage and distribute product sample requests.

Business Problem:
Generally companies manage product sample requests in an ad hoc way. For example, customers call in and request a product sample. The samples are located and mailed off.
Without proper security, product samples can be sent to competitors or to other unauthorised parties.
Without proper financial controls, the cost of providing product samples escalates rapidly.
Suppliers and customers alike cannot keep track of what samples have been sent where and when. It is also difficult to find out the status of a specific product sample request.

Online Product Sample Request Manager

Online Product Sample Request Manager: Overview

Product Database support

The Product Sample Request Manager integrates directly into various company product database systems. This is achieved using a XML control. The system supports both proprietary product database systems and third party systems. The Four Corners Support Team will provide the necessary support where required.

Email Distribution
The Product Sample Request Manager includes an integrated email facility. As product sample requests are received the various users are notified:
The Sample Request Administrator receives a notification of new product sample requests, and manages the status of each request.
The Customer receives a confirmation of the product sample request and shipping details.
The Shipping Department receives shipping instructions.

The Sample Request administrator controls the status of each product sample request. These include:
Awaiting Approval: as new product sample requests are received, the administrator can review them before forwarding them on to the shipping department.
In Process
Customers can login to the system to see the status of their order.

Stock Management
The administrator can manage the stock levels of the product samples. Customers can also login to see stock levels for specific product samples.

Client Management
Product samples can be assigned to customers. This allows the administrator to control which product samples can be ordered by specific customers.

Financial Controls
The Product Sample Request Manager allows a user to control the maximum value of product sample requests per customer.

The Product Sample Request Manager includes various levels of security access. Security profiles include: system administrators, clients, and staff.
Users are required to log in to the system to view and order product samples.

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