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 Case Study: Progman : Online Project Manager
Progman : Online Project Manager
Industry : Project Management

In a Nutshell
The Online Project Manager allows companies to manage projects and project participants online.

Online Project Manager: Overview

1. Staff
2. Sub-contractors
3. Clients
4. Administrators
5. Project Managers
6. System Administrators

Task Assignment
A project manager can assign a task to a user and indicate when the task is to be completed.
Staff can indicate how far they are on a task (percent), and indicate when the task is complete.
Once the task has been marked as complete, an email is sent to the project manager and the task is moved from the staff members inbox, and marked as awaiting approval.
The PM can then review the task and approve or reject the task. If the PM rejects the task, he can add a comment to indicate why that task was rejected.

Email integration
All activities on the Online Project Manager can be forwarded to participants as emails.
Projects can be managed directly from emails; for example, if a staff member wants to ask a question regarding a task, they can just click the add comment link in the email.

Financial Management
Administrators can manage project costs in the Online Project Manager. Administrators can choose from three payment types per participant: per task, per hour, per day.
Project managers can see at a glance, how much has been spent on each project, and how long a project has taken so far. This information can be further broken down by date and participant.

Users are required to login to use the system.
The administrator can restrict what a user can see and do on the system. For example, staff can only see tasks assigned to him/her, and they cannot update the status of a task.

User rights by activity
Update the status of a task assigned to them (Staff, Sub-contractors)
Add comments and questions to tasks assigned to them (Staff, Sub-contractors)
See reports specific to the projects they work on (Staff, Sub-contractors)
Update the status of all tasks for projects assigned to them (PM)
Add comments and questions to all tasks for projects assigned to them (PM)
See all reports for all projects assigned to them (PM)
Add/Modify/Delete tasks for all projects assigned to them (PM)
Update the status of all tasks (Administrator, System Administrator)
Add comments and questions to all tasks (Administrator, System Administrator)
See all reports for all projects (Administrator, System Administrator)
Add/modify/delete projects (Administrator, System Administrator)
Add/modify/delete users and clients (Administrator, System Administrator)
Access to database management tools in the backend (System Administrator)

The following reports are available to users depending on their user rights:
1. View my outstanding tasks by project (staff member report)
2. List all new tasks added by date, project, and/or staff member
3. List all completed tasks by date, project, and/or staff member
4. List all outstanding tasks by project
5. List all jobs awaiting approval
6. List staff statistics by date and project(s)
7. List project(s) statistics - includes time, participants, and financials

Client Request Manager integration
Four Corners Interactive has another software product called the Client Request Manager (read more), which is directly integrated into the Online Project Manager. The client Request Manager allows clients to upload task requests. The PM can review these tasks and assign them to staff directly from the Client Request Manager.

System Requirements

Delivered via the web as an ASP (Application Service Provider) product Client: Browser

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