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Four Corners Interactive have developed sophisticated software products to allow their customers to integrate and add geocoding software to websites.

What is geocoding?
Geocoding allows you to calculate the distance between two postcodes or zipcodes.

How is it useful?
Here are some ways customers have integrated this technology into their web sites.
  To find the nearest hospital or medical practioner to a patient.
  Tennis League:
  A member wants to know how many members of his/her league live within a
  twenty mile radius of his/her home, so that the member can invite them to
  play tennis.
  Car Sales:
  A buyer wants to know if a specific car is for sale within a certain radius of
  his/her home.
  Real Estate:
  A buyer wants to see houses for sale in a general area.
  Statistical Analysis:
  A supermarket chain wants to know where their customers are concentrated,
  and what distance they travel to reach their stores.

How does it work?
The user enters their postcode and indicates the radius within which they wish the information to be drawn. The software returns a list of items within the radius specified.

There are many ways that this technology can be applied. It brings a new level of sophistication and convenience to your users. To learn more about how your organisation can use geocoding technology, contact one of our consultants here.

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