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Morgan Stanley Quilter
What the web site includes:
Secure Site
All client information is secured in every part of this site, and requires login to access information. On first login, the user is required to agree to various disclaimers before they can proceed into the site.
Interactive Homepage / Adding Editorial Content
Staff can upload content to the site with little or no knowledge of web technologies and HTML. FCI created an application that recreates offline pages for use on the site. Once the pages are uploaded, these pages are reformatted dynamically, and added to the site. A summary of these news items is also automatically listed on the home page. The homepage is dynamically created, and lists all the current editorial content. The editorial content can also be automatically 'expired' at a designated date; these articles are then removed from the site at this time.
Online Portfolios and Statements
Morgan Stanley Quilter customers can view their portfolios and statements online, including their status and value, in a secure environment. This required integration with Morgan Stanley Quilter's legacy applications.
Interactive Menu System
The java menu system will show different menus depending on whether a customer is logged in or not, and depending on their status.
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Morgan Stanley Quilter
Feme Ltd
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