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 Product : Travel : Online Hotel Reservation System
Product : Online Hotel Reservation System
Industry :Travel

Allows travel portals and hotel groups to manage multiple hotels and to distribute rates and availability to multiple websites.

Allow users to search for and book hotels online
A user can search by date, hotel, room type, price, location, and number of people.
Real-time room availability checks and automatically update inventory as rooms are booked
The system features a payment gateway system to process their bookings in real-time
Hotels can be notified of bookings by email or fax as required.
Users can login and review or update the details of their booking or cancel their booking.

Room Management System
Hotels can login and update:
- Rates
- Room Availability
- Room types and description
- Discount types: group, student, long stay
- Cut Offs
- Minimum Stays
- Room occupants
- Blocked rooms
- Hotel information and description
- Up to 24 seasons
- Tax management
- Commission management
- Optional extras (meals, airport pickup, tours etc.) These appear on the booking form. Options can be priced per room per night, per person per night, per person per booking or per booking
- Enable multiple currencies
Reservation Management

Hotels can view their reservations by date.
They can also cancel reservations. This sends an email to the travel portal and to the guest.

Report Facilities

The system provides the following reports:
Rates, discounts, availability, minimum stays, cut-offs and blocked rooms.
Customer activity by website. This shows number of hotel searches and conversion rate to bookings by website.
Sales Reports: monthly sales, sales summary, sales analysis

System Requirements

Server: NT/2000/2003
Client: Browser
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