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 Product : Travel : Online Hotel Content Management System
Product :Online Hotel Content Management System
Industry :Travel

Allows hotels to create brochure type web pages that can be distributed to multiple websites and travel portals.

Template Support
The Hotel Content Management System supports multiple templates
Database fields can be inserted into a template using an XML tagging dictionary. Each tag in the dictionary corresponds to a field in the database.

Multi-site support
Hotel brochure pages can be published to multiple sites
The underlining information remains the same, but the administrator can change the branding and site links as required

Content Management
Hotels can manage the following information:
- General hotel information
- Description
- Post multiple pictures
- Nearby attractions
- List facilities
- Prices and discounts
- Directions
- Maps
- Page banners
- Meta data management
Reviews Management

The Hotel Content Manager allows users to add hotel reviews to the hotel page
The administrator can control which reviews appear and needs to approve each one before they appear on any site

Search, Select, Add, Modify, Delete and Archive brochure pages
These facilities are all available to the administrator to assist with the management of the pages

System Requirements

Server: NT/2000/2003
Client: Browser
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