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 Metageon: ISO 19115 Metadata Management Software
Case Study: Metageon: ISO 19115 Metadata Management Software

The International Standards Organisation (ISO), Switzerland have released ISO 19115, which is the schema required for describing geographic information and services. It provides information about the identification, the extent, the quality, the spatial and temporal schema, spatial reference, and distribution of digital geographic data.
ISO 19115 is the defacto standard for the collection and distribution of geographic information in many countries including Australia and New Zealand.
Four Corners Interactive have developed a metadata management system, Metageon to assist government institutions and commercial companies to manage the ISO 19115 requirements.

Software Distribution
The software is distributed in three different ways:
Users can use the system online on a subscription basis. The system allows the user to upload information in a predefined format for validation.
Web Service
A user can subscribe to the web service version of the software. This allows a software developer to embed the functionality into existing software. Data validation is done in the background, and is transparent to the user.
Standalone desktop application
Users can load the software to their PC and validate data on their system or on their network.

How it works
Metageon can be used to validate information only or it can be used as a collection and validation mechanism.
Validation only
A user can upload data directly to the application or it can be queried as a web service. The software will highlight non-compliance in the upload.
Collection and validation
Metageon can act as a collection mechanism with background validation. The software includes form building functionality. If a user chooses to use this functionality then the actual validation is exposed and can be updated. This is useful if the user needs to embed unrelated metadata, that either requires a different validation schema or some proprietary or custom validation.

Digital Mapping Support
Metageon includes mapping support. Mapping support consists of the following components:
Maps of any geographic area and of any scale can be loaded to the system as required.
A user can draw a shape on a map and the coordinates of that shape will be recorded to the system.
A user can draw a shape on a map and the information or dataset in that area will be returned by the system.
An administrator can predefine areas by entering their co-ordinates, providing the area with a title, and including the area in a drop-down in the form builder. Users can then select the area title. The system will then show the area on a map, and they can continue with data projects. This functionality allows administrators to better to control the data capture areas.

Simple Setup
The system requires very little setup and is quick to get started.

24/7 support
Uptime guarantee
Server redundancy and daily backups ensure that data is secure

Servers are housed in state-of-the-art datacenters around the world that include redundant power, sophisticated fire prevention, and 24/7 security personnel and infrastructure.
Hosting can be local or at the Four Corners Software datacenters.

.NET, XML, C#, Java, HTML
Windows 2000/2003
Multiple clustered servers, firewall, VPN for secure access, if required.

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