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Travelstay are a hotel and accommodation portal offering budget accommodation all around the world. A user can use the site to search for available accommodation in a specific area, and make their reservations online. Through their hotel affiliate scheme, hotels can manage their rooms and bookings online.

  Hotel brochure page management.
  Online Affiliate Management.
  Metadata Management.
  Hotel Accommodation Reviews Management Module.
  Competition Management.
  Change Management and Security.
  Creative and Corporate Id.

Here are some of the applications that FCI have built for Travelstay:

Hotel Room Administration
Hotels can search for their accommodation(s), and create brochure pages for either their hotel or for their rooms. This includes images, banners, local information, and all the relevant information pertaining to their services.

Online Affiliate Management
The system allows Travelstay staff to create multiple versions of the hotel brochure pages, and allows them to rebrand these pages for use by affiliates without knowledge of web technologies.

Metadata Management
Travelstay can create HTML versions of the hotel brochure pages automatically, and the staff can manipulate the metadata information associated with those pages to meet the requirements of Search Engines.

Change Management and Security
In order to add/modify/delete hotel brochure pages, the hotels are required to log in. Different users are given different rights to the system, and in certain instances can create brochure pages, but not add them to the site. These changes are kept in a holding area until a user with the correct authorisation checks their changes, and approves these changes. Once approval has been given, the changes automatically appear on the site.

Hotel Accommodation Reviews Management Module
Once a guest has stayed at a hotel, he/she can review the hotel online. These reviews are not automatically posted to the website; a staff member must approve a review before it appears.

Competition Management
Travelstay run various promotions and competitions. FCI built a management module that allows the staff to extract all the visitors who have entered a competition. The system also randomly selects a winner.

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