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Vivid Imaginations
Here are some of the web applications that FCI have built for Vivid Imaginations:
Product Management
This includes a sophisticated search facility, and allows staff to add/modify/delete and copy products. It also allows staff to manage shipping information, and create and associate Inspection Reports and QA Test Certificates to a specific product.
Online Document Management Module
Vivid staff can associate images and documents to a specific product and upload them to the site for retrieval by customers and staff members.
Photo Quote Management Module
Sales staff can create quotes dynamically online. These quotes are emailed out to prospective clients without the need for third party email packages.
These quotes are then stored in a secure environment and associated with the client for easy retrieval by the sales staff and customers alike.
Security Management Module
Users are required to log in to use the system. Security is broken down by group and by individual. There are fifty security settings that can be assigned to any given user. This gives maximum flexibility to the system administrator when assigning user rights to different parts of the system.
Machine Authentication
As an added level of security, the system has a machine authentication module. This controls security based on the machine the user is using to access the system. The Administrator can assign and revoke access to the system based on this criteria.
Pre-Production Management
Before the company decides to manufacture or market a product, a very detailed analysis is conducted to assess the viability of this specific product. This involves various departments contributing to this assessment. These contributors are located all around the world. FCI built an application to manage this process online.
Change Management
The staff at Vivid can see exactly what changes have been made during any time period, by department, by users, or by various other criteria. In the event there is an error this allows staff to isolate the error and address it quickly.
The system also allows a user to generate reports based on the activities of the company. These reports can be created based a various criteria and/or based on date. The purpose of these reports is for management to be able to monitor the activities of the company during a period of time, or by department, or by individual etc. These reports include Product Database reports, Bar Code reports, Product Specification reports, Shipping Specification reports, Factory Inspection reports, Price Listing reports, Quote Listing Reports, and Change Management Reports.
Administrative Systems
The system is designed to be managed by the staff at Vivid. Given the right security clearance, an administrator can manage users, security groups, clients, brands, divisions, markets, product status and types, price lists, vendors, factories, laboratories, inspection companies, and system variables.
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Vivid Imaginations
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