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All organisations know that most commerce will be conducted on the internet in the not too distant future; the question is, what can be accomplished with web technologies and what combination of technologies will bring real efficiencies and return on investment to specific organisations?
This is where Four Corners Interactive come in.
Four Corners have considerable experience building web solutions, and the company is able to advise companies on precisely where web technologies can be profitably applied to their organisation. The companies' consultants will conduct a complete audit of your current IT infrastructure, analyse the way this infrastructure is being utilised, and make recommendations where web technologies can be used to streamline processes, reduce IT expenditure, and allow applications to be remotely accessible.
The ASP (Application Service Provider) model and what it means?
Web technology allows applications to be accessible remotely. The implication of this is that, in an ideal world, companies will not have applications, servers etc. in-house, it will all be housed at an ASP who then manages the applications and the servers on behalf of the company. This brings considerable cost savings to the company in less expenditure on hardware, IT staff, and hardware and application management. All the application and server management is the reponsibility of the ASP i.e. the client can rest easy.
The Four Corner's ASP service. What is involved? What can you expect?
The company will house the applications, and will recommend a suitable hardware and security package to deliver the applications over the internet.
24/7 support - Engineers are on duty and available to you 24 hours a day, to deal with any application or hardware issue.
Security - The hardware is secured in a state-of-the- art data centre facility, with six levels of security verification between servers and the outside world. The data centre is manned and and patrolled 24 hours a day.
Reliability - In the event of power failure, a generator is standing by to run the data centre infrastructure, with another generator as a back-up. This ensures that the data centre cannot be offline due to a power outage.
Legacy System Integration
Four Corners will analyse your legacy system infrastructure, and integrate your new web based objectives seamlessly into the system specifications.
The company will house the applications, and will recommend a suitable hardware and security package to deliver the applications over the internet.
To arrange an appointment with a Four Corners' consultant, contact the company here. There is no charge for the initial consultation.
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